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polyimide film

Model No.︰#6052
Brand Name︰#6052
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description
Normal Number: Q/12YJ4213-2002

Scope: The polyimide film is produced by adopting "Biaxial Tension Process" with a width larger than 1 meter, its all performance indexes are better than polyimide film produced by "Aluminum Foil Process" "Doctor-balding Process". It possesses heat-resistant, radiation-resistant and excellent dielectric as well as physical performance and applies to motor Grade H.O. electric insulation and electrical engineering insulating material for other purpose.

I. Technical requirement
1. Appearance: Smooth and bright film surface. The defects of folding, broken, particulate air bubble, pinpoint and foreign impurities, tidy edges and non-damage the film provided in rolling.
2.(The place is not enough, if you have some inquire please email or fax me)
Ⅱ. Packing, Mark, Preservation and Transportation

1. The film should be provided in rolls and wound up to the pipe core, each roll is well packed and loaded with plastic bag to be placed into dry and clean box.

2. The each box packing should be marked with the type, product specification, size, lot number, gross weight, net weight, date of manufacture, name of the manufacturer and the product acceptances certificate is attached. At the same time the painting words of Damp-proof collision-proof etc.

3. The should be pressured in dry and clean room, the preservation period from the date of production is two years and can still be used when it is qualified in case of the preservation period is exceeded and checked according to standard./

4. During the preservation and transportation, damping and mechanical damage should be avoided.

width: 16mm~1020mm
Payment Details︰T/T in advance or L/C at sight
Min Order︰200kg
Ship Date︰in 14days after receive payment or L/c
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