Tianjin Fortune International Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd is one of the key enterprises in electric engineering insulating trade of China. Our Company was established in 1997,Our company is seated at Tianjin-the economic center in the north of China. We have the tremendous preponderance be owned to the good locality and the huge support from government. We are the first enterprise to research and produce polyimide film on a tremendous management basis and technical strength, powerful product quality guarantee system and inspection measures.


The main products include polyimide film series products The polyimide products are the insulation material of high-grade insulation in the world now with very high heat-durability and heat-stability. Under temperature between -200°C and +260°C, they have outstanding mechanical performance, electric insulation, radiation resistance, hard-volatility under vacuum, and corrosion resistance (other than alkali) and so on. They now have been widely applied in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, energy and transportation, aerospace technology and national defense etc.

There is 8000 square meter Factory and 86 staffs in the company. We have total four product lines. Three of them are 700mm width and one is 1040mm width. The annual turnout can achieve 150 ton. We can product the film thickness from 0.015mm to 0.25mm through many years effort from our R&D. So, it can be used in wilder area in the world. These products have been introduced into the international market, we have exported our products (the polyimide films and their products include: films, strips, polyimide films, tape F46,tape PTFE and polyimide films, hot-set pressure-sensitive tape etc.)to Korea Taiwan Singapore USA Russia India England Japan Tailand Hongkong etc.